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Focus on the German Cebit exhibition to see how the quality of GOSCAM works.

Date: 2017-12-01
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On April 25, 2016, the world's largest information, communication and software domain authority exhibition opening hannover messe in Germany, US President barack Obama and German chancellor Angela merkel jointly unveiled for the exhibition. This year the exhibition theme of "industrial integration - find solutions", focus on intelligent systems, factory automation and energy transformation, and demonstrate the practical application of hundred industry item 4.0.

As a pioneer and leader in wireless audio and video transmission equipment - shenzhen gaussian bell and home electronics co., LTD. (GOSCAM), in this exhibition with "in science and technology serve the public" as the theme, shows the new security suite and other series products of wireless monitoring and video monitoring management platform overall solution. GOSCAM booth attracted a large number of professional visitors, operators representative to visit, negotiate, the scene atmosphere active, effectively promote the company's new product, is greatly promoted GOSCAM brand influence in the world.

In the digital economy era, the digital transformation of various industries has entered a period of acceleration, and products are not only technology, architecture, but also an ecology. This ecology is driven by the business needs of the end user. For more than a decade, GOSCAM has been guided by the needs of customers, and the brand image is interpreted with products and quality. The company adheres to the principle of "redevelopment, quality, brand, and development", and invests 10% of the income every year to r&d. GOSCAM firmly believes that only by constantly developed to meet the needs of consumers of new products, to win in the fierce market competition, as the industry can provide terminal equipment, software and hardware development, video monitoring management platform overall solutions and systems manufacturers, GOSCAM is willing to work with industry chain partners fully in the fields of cooperation, to create maximum value for customers.

In the future, GOSCAM will further expand the overseas market and expand its international reach. Born in this world change center in the country, in the era of cross-border trends now, GOSCAM is customer first, constantly to fine drill research on technology research and development, visual experience to innovate unceasingly, makes the choice of products more rich, for the world in the creation of more "made in China" on the market!

With the technology to serve the public, become the leading enterprise of electronic information industry, we have been on the road!

Focus on the German Cebit exhibition to see how the quality of GOSCAM works.

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